Free resources

We want to ensure that you can get the best possible use out of Quelea, so we've compiled a list of useful resources to enable you to produce great services without touching your Church's bank account. At the time of writing, all of the resources are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes, such as in services.

Quelea Manuals


Access our in-depth manual for Quelea to help you use it to its full potential. Kindly written by Arvid.


Kindly translated by Arvid.


Kindly translated by Eliseo.

Brazilian Portuguese

Kindly translated by Ismael.


Android Apps

Remote Control

Quelea Mobile Remote allows you to remotely control Quelea natively on Android devices.

Mobile Lyrics

Quelea Mobile Lyrics allows you to remotely view what is currently live in Quelea natively on Android devices.

Stage Mode

Quelea Stage Mode is a tool specially designed for worship leaders that gives you control over Quelea natively on Android devices.


Bible Versions

Zefania Bibles

A comprehensive list of Bibles from many nations and languages, hosted on SourceForge.

A Google Drive hosted list of Bibles provided by



New Life Church

New Life Church Creative has a fantastic range of visuals available, including motion backgrounds, themed videos, and themed image art.

Motion Backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds is a selection of motion background videos provided for by VideoBlocks. VideoBlocks have a vast collection of motion videos, but come with a subscription cost.

Worship Backgrounds

This Flickr group contains many images that have been made available for download for your use in churches.

Creation Swap

Creation Swap has a very large collection of all different types of media available for download, including images, logos, videos, countdown timers and more.