A special thank you

Quelea wouldn't be where it is today without input from individuals from around the world, and we want to recognise the work that each of those individuals has done.

Michael Berry - UK

Michael is the founder of Quelea and has been working on the project since the beginning. He knows Quelea inside-out and upside-down.

Ben Goodwin - UK

Ben joined the project in 2010, and has worked closely with Michael to aid in developing the rich feature set that Quelea currently offers.

Arvid Nyström - Sweden

Arvid has provided Quelea with a Swedish translation, a manual in both English and Swedish and 3 Android apps.

Simon - Austria

Simon has provided us with our German translation, as well as hours of testing to ensure that Quelea is released to you as bug-free as possible.

Greg Arno - U.S.A

Greg is currently contributing to his own branch of Quelea which aims to bring brand new multimedia features for the media-rich church.

Pavel - Czech Republic

Pavel has kindly provided us with a Czech translation.

Tomi - Hungary

Tomi has kindly provided us with a Hungarian translation.

Markus - Norway

Markus has kindly provided us with a Norwegian translation.

VEA Comunidad Cristiana

Special thanks to VEA Comunidad Cristiana for the Spanish translation

Moo - Lithuania

Moo has kindly provided us with a Lithuanian translation.

Pieter Jan Hummelen - Netherlands

Pieter has kindly provided us with a Dutch translation.

José - Angola

José has kindly provided us with a Portuguese translation.

Josef - Czech Republic

Josef has kindly provided us with a Czech and Slovakian translation.

Lucky Mara - Kenya

Lucky has kindly provided us with a Swahili translation.

Lauri - Finland

Lauri has kindly provided us with a Finnish translation.


Could you be the next contributor to Quelea? Get in contact!


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean has sponsored us with free droplet VPS hosting for Quelea's servers - thanks!


Thanks to Jetbrains, who have provided us a full license of IntelliJ for core developers to use.


BrowserStack has provided us with a free full account, ensuring we can test Quelea's mobile view on multiple browsers easily. Thanks!